Episode #5: Voluntold


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Captain Johnson is joined by Lieutenant Drew Stewart to discuss the fourth episode, "Voluntold." Chaplin gives everyone the option to stay or go, but is that a good idea? Kylie continues to have doubts about her role in things, and Christine yells some more. And does the introduction of a mysterious mineral mean the show is about to turn into Lost? Tune in to find out.
0:45 - Intro, episode synopsis and clip
6:27 - Assassination attempts
12:00 - The King subplot
13:40 - Are Christine and Kylie becoming interesting yet?
18:00 - Are secrets being revealed too quickly
23:05 - The mysterious minerals and whether the show is about to turn Lost-y
29:17 - Main topic: allowing the crew a choice to stay or go
38:48 - Show close
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