Episode #8: Nuke It Out


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It turns out both Greg and Andrew were right about different things last episode. In "Nuke It Out," the person who stole the launch key is revealed, love triangles get complicated, Sarrat continues to be a total jerk, but much more. Andrew and Greg try to make sense of everything that's happening and talk about what they hope to see from the second half of the season.
0:45 - Intro, episode synopsis and clip
5:08 - Booth is alive, Cortez has the key
11:00 - Paul and Christine
13:30 - Sophie's screensaver
16:05 - King is turned on by danger
18:50 - Sarrat's random bomb incident
22:52 - The COB and his drug addiction
27:25 - Is Booth a good guy?
30:48 - Fissures in the Kendal/Chaplin dynamic
34:22 - What we hope to see in the rest of the season
39:17 - What's up with the title of this episode?
40:38 - Show close
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