Exploring Grassroots Soccer Through The Lens of an Academy with Jamie Ramm


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In this latest episode of the Down to The Roots Soccer Podcast, I'm joined by Jamie Ramm, Director of the Lakelands Toros Soccer Academy in Greenwood, SC and the Head Boy's Varsity Coach at Emerald High School, also in Greenwood. We discuss how Jamie made his way over here from the UK back in 2006, his experiences playing in college and beyond in various leagues here in the United States. Additionally we discuss what his thoughts are on building a successful academy program while also providing a fun recreational program for those not ready to dive into the travel experience. Lastly we look at the positive impact that his marriage and family have had on him personally and how his priorities have shifted as he navigates his role as a husband and father.

Find out more about Lakelands Toros by visiting their website: https://www.lakelandstoros.com

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