Exploring the 2. Bundesliga and German Football


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In the inaugural episode of the Down to the Roots Soccer Podcast, I talk with Matthew Karagich, co-host of the 2. Bundesliga Podcast. We take a deep dive into the 2nd division of German football which is set to potentially have one of its best seasons in recent years. Among the discussion topics is the league as a whole in comparison to the top German league, the Bundesliga and the 3. Liga, the third tier of German football. In this upcoming season American fans can catch some up-and-coming talent in the league with Matthew Hoppe of Schalke and the more established U.S. striker, Josh Sargent. New episodes of DTTR will drop bi-monthly, so please subscribe and check back.

Find Matthew and his pod to hear more about this great league on a weekly basis:

Matt- https://twitter.com/matthewkaragich
2. Bundesliga Podcast: https://twitter.com/2BundesligaPod
The pod itself can be found at: https://anchor.fm/2-bundesliga-podcast

Listeners can also catch Matthew's other new podcast project, 1-on-1 With Matthew Karagich which features a variety of guests from around the world of professional sport.

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