Athletic Groin Pain in Athletes: Surgery or Rehabilitation with Enda King


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In a discussion around the paper entitled "Athletic groin pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of surgical versus physical therapy rehabilitation outcomes " which features in my Research Review 107. I am delighted to talk with Enda King on the background behind his paper published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2015. We talk about the diagnosis of Athletic groin pain, the recent Doha Consensus statement and underlying anatomical diagnoses. We divide the literature in surgical versus rehabilitation for each of these diagnosis and the surprising lack of evidence in some of them. We focus on some emerging work on return to play time and rate comparing pubic surgical and rehabilitation approaches and discuss the literature regarding interventions to date. We expand to debate the direction of future research, and lack of true multi directional return to play tests and Enda highlights some work being carried out at the Sports Surgery Clinic using 3D Biomechanics of high speed movement. Enda King is a Chartered Physiotherapist currently undertaking a PhD in Biomechanics at Roehampton University, London and is Head of Performance Rehabilitation at the Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin. His research career is developing fast with 5 academic publications to date and an author of the Groin Rehabilitation Chapter in a new book edited by David Joyce and Dan Lewindon published later this year End is next speaking on Athletic Groin Rehabilitation at Therapy Expo in the UK Follow him on twitter @Enda_King I write a weekly 4 paper research review summary in sports medicine, science, and performance and you can subscribe at to get the latest issue and access the archive. Follow me on twitter @afranklynmiller

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