Metabolic Power, GPS and Training Load with Martin Buchheit


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In a discussion around his paper entitled "Monitoring locomotor load in soccer: is metabolic power, powerful?" which features in my Research Review 99. I am delighted to talk with Martin on the background behind this paper published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. We talk about the reliability of GPS, the measure of power and the use of training units in periodisation along with the soccer specific challenges. We touch on a number of Martin's other papers which can be accessed via his website in particular the variables of gait and assessing stride variables and vertical stiffness with GPS-embedded accelerometers Martin is both a research scientist with MSc's in S and C and Statistics and a PhD with over 100 peer reviewed publications, and a working sports scientist in elite sport, currently Head of Performance for Paris Saint-Germain FC, having been in 2009 part of the ASPIRE Academy in Doha, Qatar, as a physiologist in charge of calibrating training sessions. At the same time, in 2010 he integrated the research department of the French Football Federation. He has also held positions as consultant to the Australian Football League in Melbourne and Adelaide. You can link to Review 99 here and sign up at Follow me on twitter @afranklynmiller Martins personal website and blog, along with many papers can be accessed here and you can follow Martin on Twitter @mart1buch

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