Muscle metabolism and effects of Beta 2 agonists on Power with Professor Jens Bangsbo


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I am delighted to talk with Prof Jens Bangsbo on the background behind this paper published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, in a discussion around the paper entitled "Inhaled Beta2-agonist Increases Power Output and Glycolysis during Sprinting in Men. " which features in my Research Review 106, . We talk about the metabolism of muscle in sprinting efforts, the role of muscle fiber type, the effects of beta 2 agonists in muscle power generation in sprint effects and the prolonged effects on performance. We talk about doping and WADA support for research into the effects of doping and Jens’ current projects outside this study. Professor Jens Bangsbo is professor in exercise physiology at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He has published more than 300 papers and more than 20 books including some within tactical training in football. In addition, he is the editor of a number of books regarding sport and science and he is a member of the international steering group of “Football and Science”. He is a former elite soccer player with matches in the Danish National soccer team. He is UEFA Pro-licence coach as well as UEFA, and FIFA instructor. He was assistant coach for Juventus FC in 2001-2004, winning two Italian Championships, two Super Cups and reaching the final in the Champions League 2003. He also took part in the coaching staff of the Danish National soccer team for EURO2004, World Cup 2010 and EURO2012. Jens can be seen and heard at the Sports Medicine Australia Conference this year in the Gold Coast Oct 21-24 2015 I write a weekly 4 paper research review summary in sports medicine, science, and performance and you can subscribe at

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