Strength and Power training in Rugby to improve sprinting performance with Matt Barr


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I discuss the paper entitled "Transfer effect of strength and power training transfer effect of Strength and Power training to the sprinting kinematics of International Rugby Players" published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research which featured in my Research Review 99 which you can access here Matt is working at University of Manitoba and is now Strength and Conditioning coach with NFL American football athletes having moved from Canadian Rugby and his PhD studies at Edith Cowan University We discuss his study in detail, power training and strength training in rugby, the translation of these variables to sprinting kinematics and changes in a cohort across a 12 month training window. We touch on Hamstring Nordic training and future studies in ground contact time, stiffness and maximal velocity mechanics. I write a weekly 4 paper research review summary in sports medicine, science, and performance and you can subscribe at and follow me on twitter @afranklynmiller Matt as yet is not on twitter

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