The calculation of Metabolic Power with Professor Di Prampero


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In a discussion around his paper entitled "The energy cost of sprint running and the role of metabolic power in setting top performances" which features in my Research Review 103. I am delighted to talk with Professor di Prampero on the background behind this paper published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology. We talk about the calculation of velocity, the measure of power and the use of GPS units in linear and maximal pace running, we talk regarding the future of the measures and ecological validity and the use in multi directional sport including the limitations of the model and GPS units. Professor di Prampero, University of Udine, Italy has over 250 peer reviewed publications on running, swimming and power sports in lower limb mechanics and exercise and muscle physiology. One of the pioneers in the field and it was an honour and pleasure to speak with him for this review. You can sign up at Follow me on twitter @afranklynmiller This podcast was arranged with the assistance of Christian Osgnach and Marco Vetter from A further expansion on Metabolic Power from Prof di Prampero is available here

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