ESG: useful concept or greenwashing? w/ Rachel Baird & Stephen Howell, Effective Governance - EP145


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ESG, short for environmental, social, and governance, is proving difficult for companies to implement in practice, and some have been accused of greenwashing. What exactly is ESG and has it come to the end of its useful life, as the Financial Times has suggested may be the case? Joining show host Gene Tunny to discuss ESG are some highly experienced corporate governance experts: Dr Rachel Baird and Stephen Howell, part of HopgoodGanim Lawyers. Both Stephen and Rachel advise boards on ESG matters and Rachel is currently facilitating the Law & Sustainability short course delivered in partnership between Pearson and Oxford University.

In this episode you’ll learn how good corporate governance is the critical foundation for everything, and how company leaders should ensure their company’s policies are not dictated by inexperienced people posing as ESG experts pushing their own agendas.

Links relevant to the conversation

Dr Rachel Baird, GAICD, FGIA - Director - IcebergSRC | LinkedIn

Stephen Howell - Director - Effective Governance - Part of the HopgoodGanim Advisory Group | LinkedIn

Origins and Consequences of the ESG Moniker (paper mentioned by Rachel in the episode)

Who Cares Wins 2005 Conference Report: Investing for Long-Term Value

Tim Paine scandal a mess of Cricket Australia's making — and it will get worse - ABC News

How ESG investing came to a reckoning | Financial Times

Effective Governance

Thanks to the show’s audio engineer Josh Crotts for his assistance in producing the episode, to HopgoodGanim for providing a room to record in, and to the show’s sponsor, Gene’s consultancy business

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