Building Confidence By Uncovering Your Authentic Personal Brand


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Ulrike and her guest, Sandy Grigsby, self-image branding expert, TEDx speaker and Confidence Catalyst®, are speaking about the power of self-awareness and how to translate your true self into powerful images to create self-confidence and a lasting impression on the people you get in contact with.

No matter if someone sees you in a video or on your social media profile, if they Google you or if they meet you in person, they should feel like they already have a connection to you because you are being yourself on all of these on and offline channels.

The power lies in being the real true YOU, not the mask that we put on to show the world. This type of authenticity is rare and makes you stand out. When people feel like they can connect with your real self, they feel closer to you and they feel more trust. This in turn, helps you to become more self-confident and create stronger connections.

If you want to find out how to generate the courage to show up as the person you truly are and how to use photography as means of self-development and to create an amazing brand, tune in to this episode!

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About Sandy Grigsby

Sandy Grigsby is a self-image branding expert, TEDx speaker, author, Confidence Catalyst®, and founder of Briofive, a personal branding photography studio. For 17+ years, Sandy has cultivated extensive expertise in and explored the relationship between the fields of digital media and confidence development to help clients unlock and communicate their “wow factor” in a visually compelling way.

About Ulrike Seminati

Ulrike Seminati is a long-standing senior executive, coach and author. After over 20 years of being a successful leader in corporate organizations, Ulrike believes that female leadership is one of the biggest untapped potentials in the world. Ulrike is known for combining all her experience and years of excelling in the corporate world with powerful self-development techniques that she gives it to hard workers like you, allowing you to flourish, realize the root causes of your struggle, and finally land that leadership spot you’re after!

Outline of the Episode:

[01:14] Why great self-image branding is all about authenticity

[04:32] 3 ways to identify the main characteristics of your personal brand

[10:19] Dressing in an authentic way to feel powerful

[12:27] Generating the courage to show up as the person you truly are

[16:26] Using photography as a means to self-development

[25:29] Lifting yourself up with the power of gratitude

[26:20] Where you can start this journey with little means

[25:25] Locating your intuition in your body

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