Earth, Wind & Fire - That's The Way of the World


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Harvey Keitel starred in the film “That’s The Way Of The World” that this record functions as a soundtrack to, but Maurice White and the rest of Earth, Wind & Fire sensed that it was going to be a box office flop, so they pushed for it to be released before the premiere. They were correct. The album went to number one in the Billboard charts, whereas the movie became a “lost film.” Signalling a shift from Earth, Wind & Fire’s early career and beginning their mid-70s “ornate” period that would include hits like September, this record was described by LA Weekly as “serious romantic music to wear silk bellbottom slacks to.”

That’s The Way Of The World is also the 420th Greatest Album Of All Time according to Rolling Stone magazine, so Christopher Macarthur-Boyd and Liam Withnail have listened to it, and now they’re going to Keitel it up. Featuring hot takes and digressions on everything from MDMA to being hospitalised mid-pod, plus Secret Posho and Unhinged YouTube Comment of the Week. Enjoy!

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