Commit To Your Commitments: How To Break Free From Labels And Create A Master Life Plan Towards Massive Success With Darren Jacklin


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Success is not something we pursue. It’s something we attract. And the way to do that is by committing to your commitments. Darren Jacklin did not become the world-class speaker and hyper-successful entrepreneur he is today by chance. In fact, he was labeled as mentally retarded in school and most people – even himself – once thought he would not amount to anything significant. How he went from that to being a high-performance trainer to over a million people and a co-founder of one the world’s biggest real estate companies is a tale that will easily make it to the top success stories of our lifetime. And success leaves clues – clues that Darren graciously shares with us in detail in this conversation with Michelle Seiler-Tucker. Join in as they talk about creating non-negotiable daily habits, being accountable to yourself, making your own metrics, and creating a master plan in life. You’re going to love this conversation!

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