EYFPodcast- Exercise Your Faith and Stick with what You know best, Your testimony.


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Would it be sound selfish if I said it's all about me or it's all about you? On the surface or in the world you might be called out for putting yourself first but when it comes to God it is all about you. God is not an impersonal God, He not only knows all about you and all He wants you to do is share with others what He has done for you.
The power of the testimony is that it is yours and nobody else's. God may have saved millions from addictions but your salvation story is as unique as your fingerprints. Why are we discussing this on the show today? It's simple. Too many of us get stuck on the sidelines when it comes to sharing because we're afraid we don't know enough about God or the Bible so we use that as an excuse to remain quiet. We use our supposed lack of knowledge to stay in our lane and let the big guns go and preach it. Here's the thing, God wants you to stay in your lane and you are a big gun with the thing God wants you to share, your story!
Imagine if this week you simply shared with 5 people something great God has done for you (a testimony). Your story is the rock thrown in the pond and the ripple effect is God ministering to others through you. That's all you need to do. For some your story will be a pebble but for others it will be a mighty stone. All you need to do is share what you know, nothing more, nothing less. Our prayer at EYF is that you get at least one chance a day to share a testimony, we hope it becomes your prayer too. God bless.

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