Former World's Champion Tim Storm Talks About NWA's 'Alwayz Ready'


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Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted prior to Matt Cardona’s bicep injury. We wish the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion a speedy recovery.

Current National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World’s Heavyweight Champion, Matt Cardona has not only lived up to his moniker of being, ‘Alwayz Ready‘, he has even gotten a Pay Per View (PPV) named after himself. The ‘Alwayz Ready‘ PPV takes place at the Knoxville Convention Center, in Knoxville, Tennessee on FiteTV this Saturday, June 11, 2022.

When asked for his thoughts on the honor being bestowed upon him, Matt Cardona declared “Did Ric Flair ever have an event named after him? No. Did Harley Race? Never. As the only REAL World's Champion I am honored to have this event named after me because I earned this all by myself. Everyone should know they have to be a part of this once in a lifetime event to share in me elevating the NWA to new greatness.”

Although Cardona is claiming that he is the only NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion to ever have a PPV named after him, he is forgetting that Ric Flair had the, ‘Flair for the Gold.’ Cardona has proven himself to be the world’s best, whether we like it or not as no other champion has had their theme music be used solely for a PPV.

I spoke with former NWA's World Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm, about the NWA's 'Alwayz Ready' PPV, being apart of a three person team with Joe Galli and former TNA/IMPACT Knockout's Champion and Tag Team Champion, Velvet Sky. Storm discusses the significance of the NWA as it involves professional wrestling, his 15 years with the company and the foundations of the industry lead up to this very moment.

Tickets are on salw at with various pricing from VIP down to general admission. The event will air live on FITE for $24.99 individually, and is included in the $49.99 NWA All Access annual pass available at The Knoxville Convention Center will also host an additional NWA taping at 4 pm the day following the PPV with matches to be broadcast on subsequent weeks on FITE TV. More information on ALWAYZ READY, including marquee matches and confirmed talent appearing, will be announced over the coming weeks via social media and the flagship NWA Powerrr program airing Tuesdays at 6:05 pm est on FITE and YouTube Fridays at 6:05 pm est.

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