Bangkok, Thailand-Revisiting God Of Love Shrine & Shopping Mall District


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No matter how you feel about shopping malls at some point during your visit to Bangkok you will most likely find yourself in Pathum Wan, the city's impressive shopping district with it's plethora of malls, food courts, and entertainment venues. In this episode I revisit the area Central World where you'll find the Trimurti God Of Love Shrine along with the famous Ganesh Shrine of this area. I mentioned in the segment that it was Monday night so the street food carts and sellers are usually not around as this is the night reserved for cleaning the streets. However at this time the military government had begun their very controversial move of clearing many of Bangkok's streets of food sellers. So when I went back a few nights later there were no longer the street food sellers in this area that I had seen just a year earlier. Bangkok is usually at the top of the list of cities visited in the world averaging over 20 million in recent years. The loss of international tourism has been devastating to many businesses and citizens.
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