FB#40: Guest Mix - Elementrix (Vocal Liquid)


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FB#40: Guest Mix - Elementrix
Welcome to the Fat Badger Podcast!
Up next we've got a special guest mix from @Warmearsmusic label owner and @bassdrive show host - Elementrix.
Elementrix aka Gabriel Cernea was raised and born in a city called Arad, in the western part of Romania. He began listening to Drum and Bass in the early 2000's and went on to developing a real passion for this genre. At the age of 19 he got himself an old pair of turntables, a mixer and some records and started practicing on his DJ skills. After a short period of time and mixes, he started getting gigs around the country, having the honour of sharing the stage with artists like: Logistics, Nu:Tone, Trei, Technimatic, Dave Owen, Submorphics, Calculon, Chris Su, B-Complex, BCee, Smooth, DJ Marky and many more. He's been influenced over the years by genres like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lounge, UKG and Funk. He's sets contain mostly funky, jazzy, liquid, atmospheric vibes with a spice of rolling basslines that will make you footloose.
This year he launched a new label called Warm Ears Music. The label has already been getting lots of good press after a very successful launch party in the summer.
The third release on Warm Ears Music "Lost Moments EP" from @Re-adjust, forthcoming 24 October 2016, adds value to its versatility while bringing soulful vibes to the table.
You can catch him LIVE every Sunday from 1-3pm GMT on Bassdrive.com.
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