FB#42: Guest Mix - D-Vox (Rollers / LIVE Vocals)


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FB#42: Guest Mix - D-Vox
Welcome to the Fat Badger Podcast!
This months guest is one of the most active members of the online DJ community. She DJ's House, Techno,Trance, Drum & Bass & she sings! She makes extra effort to play unsigned artists and support otherwise unknown talent making her a perfect fit for the Fat Badger Podcast. We are very proud to host D-Vox.
D-Vox (aka Daniela Rhodes) is a multi genre dj, vocalist and mix show host covering house, dnb, techno and hard trance. A dj for fourteen years and live vocalist for ten, she has crafted her unique ability of accompanying instrumental tracks across these genres with live, ambient vocals. As well as touching on her own personal experiences within her lyrics, she also likes to project words of inspiration and encouragement in life to her audience. Since her amazing opportunity to play at Ministry of Sound last year, D-Vox has been inundated with offers for club bookings, local festival slots, guest sets and vocal collaborations with producers and is enjoying every minute of working hard and getting involved with as many projects as she can handle.
As vocalist Daniela Rhodes, she is signed to Dark Room Recs & Unified Cortex with collabs in the pipeline. In Aug this yr she had her first ever collab label release with Mekita & Spinout on Allowance Recs (liquid dnb) and also with Philth on his latest Mammoth EP released on Flexout on 16.10.16 (rolling dnb).
D-Vox is taking more of an interest in playing dnb as well as house & techno due to her love for the genre. She appeared as a guest on LifeFM, Ldn in Sept 2015 with 2 more dates at the station in the diary for 2016.
Check out her Soundcloud page for her upcoming gigs, & regular radio show slots.
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