Jit - Guest Mix [FBP#56]


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Jit - Guest Mix [FBP#56]
Welcome to the Fat Badger Podcast!
Up next in the guest seat we have Jit - He has created the perfect mix for the bright sunny weather - Sit back and enjoy the laid back chilled jungle vibes!
Jit is a DJ who is largely influenced by old skool jungle. He fell in love with 90's Bukem and The Progression Sessions and his style showcases his passion for the era. His selection features jazzy and atmospheric jungle, progressing through to the darker sounds. Jit was a late bloomer in the scene and didn't actually start DJing until a few years ago, but has recently found himself on lineups such as Launch International, Kapow and True Romance. To put it simply, he plays music for the heads.
Show Jit some love here:
mixcloud.com/Jit Parmar
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