Anna Serbinenko: Sky Dancer


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"If a commercial flight test is not successful, it's typically not a question of stick and rudder skills or knowledge. More often than not it's the lack of attention to detail."

Anna Serbinenko is an airshow performer, Chief Flight Instructor at Canadian Flight Centre, and a Transport Canada Pilot Examiner. But her life involves a lot more than just flying. She’s has a PHD in Financial Mathematics, is fluent in eight languages, has lived around the world, and is a competitive athlete. Upon moving to Canada, she took her first flight and she was hooked…

On this episode, we talk about how to master learning, Anna’s journey into aerobatics and airshow performing, what she see’s as a flight examiner, and we wrap up with Anna sharing some of her experiences on the Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour which brought a travelling airshow to over 60 northern communities in 2017.

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