Christine Gervais: COPA's Strength in Numbers


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"People don't necessarily know that this doesn't have to be a career. This can be something that is an add-on to your life...a fantastic add-on to your life."

In North America, we enjoy a freedom of the skies that is the envy of the rest of the world. And a lot of that is due to strength in numbers, and advocacy efforts from organizations like COPA – the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association. There’s a lot of change and new faces coming into COPA head office in the past few months, and as a member and regional director, I’m excited to see the organization revitalized. So, I asked COPA’s new President and CEO, Christine Gervais, to come on the show to talk about what COPA has up it’s sleeve for the future, and what she sees as the organization’s strengths and opportunities.

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