Dominique Prinet: Flying to Extremes in Canada’s North


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"I heard a big crunch and then the scenery disappeared! I couldn't figure out why everything was gone all of a sudden, and it took me a while to realize I was looking at the bottom of the lake!"

Dominique Prinet was a bush pilot in the late 60’s, flying everything from Cessna 180’s to Single Otters and Beech 18’s into some very remote places in Canada's far North. Later in his career he became a Vice President at Nordair and Canadian Airlines. He’s written a great book called Flying to Extremes, full of well-written stories packed with vivid details and photos. There was no GPS or Sat phones in those days…if you got lost or in trouble it was all on you to come up with a solution, and he definitely had some close calls and miraculous adventures!


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