A spotlight on sugars


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Sugar is a staple ingredient in many recipes, but consumers in the UK are now eating too much sugar with damaging impacts on their health.

Food and drink manufacturers are responding to this by reducing the levels of sugars in their recipes, helping meet the growing consumer demand for healthier options and improve dietary health.

Do you want to understand more about the types of sugar in your food? Maybe you are sceptical of how sugar could be replaced in food if it is such an important ingredient? It’s Sugar Awareness Week, and the topic of sugar in snacking is on everyone’s lips.

Join us as we discuss this topic with some of our Reformul8 Partners:

  • Dr Kawther Hashem, CASSH
  • Julie Mee, Zusto
  • Rory Skinner, Treat Cheats

Reformulation for Health provides free support for Scottish SMEs to reformulate their produce for the benefit of the Scottish population. Contact reformulation@fdfscotland.org.uk for more details.

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