Football Absurdity Podcast – AFC & NFC East Previews Presented by Jamaal Williams’s Voice Cracking


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Walker Kelly, Mike Valverde & Jeff Krisko take a look at the first week of training camp and finish their look around the divisions with their final divisional preview. Draft kit is live! It is 171 player profiles and breakdowns of every team from a fantasy football angle! You can check it out here. We will be back next week in the Patreon Feed! The NOW LIVE Beersheets request form is here. Check out our Twitch channel every weekend for mock drafts! Click here to join our Discord. You can find our Beersheets merchandise here. ============================== Intro Music from "Rosalie K" by KieLoBot License: CC BY ( Outro Music from "Cool Rock" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (

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