Call Your Mom: Eunoia Rescue


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Bridget and Sydney are joined by Hali Selert of Eunoia Rescue. Eunoia is dedicated to saving lives of homeless animals in South Carolina by pulling them from the euthanasia lists of local shelters and placing them in loving homes until they are adopted.
Topics include:

  • How Hali got involved in animal welfare
  • The transition to VP of Eunoia Rescue
  • Experiences during covid
  • The story of Pogo the dog
  • Snowballing from providing care for 30 dogs to 80
  • The impact CUDDLY’s campaigns
  • How donations from CUDDLY supporters save lives
  • Managing pets with behavior issues
  • The story of Midnight and Rufus
  • The one paw in front of the other motto
  • And other topics.

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