Ellie Laks: Listen to Animals - Founder of The Gentle Barn


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In today's show, Bridget and Sydney are joined by Ellie Laks, founder of the Gentle Barn in Los Angeles, California. Ellie shares her story with us, how the Gentle Barn animal sanctuary has managed to rescue and relocate thousands of animals, and challenges listeners to rethink their relationship with ALL animals–cows, goats, and dogs alike.
Topics Include:

  • The impact of animals on youth
  • Being an animal advocate
  • The story of Mary the goat
  • Life lessons learned from cows
  • Focusing on the things that connect us, rather than divide us
  • Educating children through engagement with animals
  • Three pieces of advice for new rescues
  • Human-animal communication
  • Gentle Barn's animal sponsorship program
  • Leading with love, rather than judgment
  • And other topics...

Resources Mentioned:
Blog: https://blog.cuddly.com/podcasts/ellie-laks-listen-to-animals-founder-of-the-gentle-barn/https://blog.cuddly.com/podcasts/ellie-laks-listen-to-animals-founder-of-the-gentle-barn/
Website: https://www.gentlebarn.org/
My Gentle Barn by Ellie Laks
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