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In today's episode, Bridget and Sydney are joined by Nancy Stephenson to discuss starting a rescue, finding your niche in the rescue world, marketing your adoptable pets, and much more. Nancy Stephenson is the founder of A Voice for All Paws, a cat rescue based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.
Topics Include:

  • How Nancy got into rescue
  • The experience that inspired Nancy to start A Voice for All Paws
  • Taking on hard medical cases
  • The challenge of raising money for cats
  • Common misunderstands about cats
  • Marketing adoptable animals using Facebook Ads
  • Providing care for feral cats
  • Choosing to niche, rather than being a general rescue
  • Lessons learned as a rescue founder
  • Shoutout to Shelly for her support with A Voice for All Paws
  • Rescue Crushes
  • And other topics...

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