The Enthusiastic Yes: Betsy Banks Saul


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Bridget and Sydney are joined by social entrepreneur Betsy Saul. Betsy is the co-founder of Petfinder, Chairman of the Petfinder Foundation, founder of 911FosterPets, and founder of Heal House Call Veterinarian.
Topics Include:
Destigmatizing owner surrenders. The origins of Petfinder. Focusing on wins as an animal welfare organization. The enthusiastic yes in relationships and in life. Community fostering, and the community-based nature of animal welfare. The pros and cons of the corporatization of veterinary clinics. How our current veterinary system sets up many vets for failure. How Heal House Call Veterinarian is aiming to revolutionize the veterinary experience. Heal House Call's business in a box tool kit for independent vets. And other topics...
Resources Mentioned:
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