Aliens Are Here: Making Sense of Today's Blockbuster Pentagon UFO / Greys Report - Podcast 6.16.2021


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We got aliens! Everything you need to know about today’s world changing Pentagon UFO / UAP / aliens report, which is being hand delivered (we hear) to members of Congress. Then, from there, individual members of Congress will decide which parts should come out for their constituents to hear — in the days ahead, things are going to be pretty lit on the evening cable talking head programs, we’d assume.

Like it or not, Grey Day is here! Artistic rendering of a Zeta Reticulan, or “Grey.”

Like it or not, Grey Day is here! Artistic rendering of a Zeta Reticulan, or “Grey.”

Summary of speculation so far on what’s in today’s Pentagon UFO report, take a deep breath before you read this one:

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