FACT CHECK: Not One Word Of The mRNA Vaccine Prion Degenerative Concerns Have Been Actually "Debunked"


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Must be fun to be in the corporate media these days… a truly magical place where you can wave a wand, utter “Abra cadabra: debunked!” and so forth it is, forever more. Because a number of articles, including one from Reuters, popped up last month stomping on the possibility that the spike protein in the coronavirus, which is mimicked by the mRNA vaccines (which tell your body to ‘code’/create it), may have a prionogenic neurodegenerative element.

Former FDA director Scott Gottlieb.

Former FDA director Scott Gottlieb.

The posts and articles so far “debunking” this increasingly concerning possibility do so without the benefit of peer reviewed science, or even specific rebuttal points. Read our article (all sources at the bottom) if you haven’t yet: https://www.fulcrumnews.com/blog/2021/6/13/prion-producing-mrna-vaccines-may-be-the-biggest-public-health-misstep-of-all-time

Anecdotally and by the actual VAERS numbers, these are already the two most fatal vaccines in US history. Yet former FDA director Scott Gottlieb, a large Pfizer shareholder, as of yesterday was still pushing CHILDREN to take this now potentially very dangerous, life altering mRNA therapy. What happens to his precious Pfizer when more people start talking about the prion link? These people pushed junk on the rest of us, to line their pocketbooks.

There should be full and total accountability. None of us will forget people like Gottlieb who abused the public trust, for personal profit, in a time of unprecedented national misery. People have lost businesses and family members because of folks like Gottlieb, a Mr. Potato Head-esque cable pundit ghoul who has said nothing of significance other than take this Pfizer-manufactured experiment for the last year.


The public is waking up, and sites like us will never be silenced. There needs to be full, and total, accountability for every single one of these people. We live in a republic, not a medical mafia, and a few of these folks seem to have forgotten that. Maybe the other 330 million Americans can remind them soon?

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