A Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting, Pt. 3: Stance Balancing with Pulse Boot Labs


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For Part 3 of our Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting series, Kara Williard and Kai Palkeinen, Founder of Pulse Boot Labs, dive into the intricate topic of stance balancing and canting ski boots. Kai explains Pulse Boots Labs’ analytical approach to getting it right, his refined methodology of “red light, green light”; the multi-step process of looking at the foot, insole, liner, shell, and then potentially cuff alignment and canting; and all the intricate variables that can play into this process, including snow surface, attitude, and communication.


  • How does this process start? (3:22)
  • The Foundation (4:57)
  • Red Light, Green Light (6:50)
  • Pulse Methods (10:53)
  • Binding Ramp Angle (17:06)
  • Why Liners Matter (24:37)
  • Cuff Alignment (26:14)
  • Canting Schools of Thought (35:06)
  • Rigid vs. Flexible (41:33)
  • Communication and Stopping Points (47:47)
  • Snow Surface (49:32)
  • What We’re Celebrating (54:00)



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