Season 3 Ep. 24: What does the $52 Billion CHIPS Act Mean for the Battle for Semiconductor Supremacy?


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In August 2022, President Biden signed the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act into law, paving the way for more than $50 billion in investments and subsidies in domestic semiconductor research, development and manufacturing. Semiconductors – considered by some to be the “new oil” – are an essential resource for electronics and increasingly, global economies like the United States and China are approaching their semiconductor policy as being critical to their national security and economic independence. National Bank Investments’ Geopolitical Analyst Angelo Katsoras once again joins Mark Noble, Executive Vice President, ETF Strategy at Horizons ETFs to discuss the latest update in the global semiconductor sector, how the new national subsidies could boost the sector and how the worsening relationships between the U.S., China, Taiwan and other semiconductor manufacturing countries could impact supply and demand in the years to come.

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