Left Issues Call For A New Flag And New Revolution


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Let me just say at the outset that for my entire life I have been against racism in all its many forms, and have stood with the Jews and the Blacks for as long as I can remember. So any attempt to label either this program or myself as 'racist' will fail before it gets started. Today I want to show you why Juneteenth as a federal holiday is, on one hand, a very good thing, and on the other hand it is a Trojan horse through which the radical Left is attempting to recreate America in their Marxist image. Juneteenth 2021 is not a celebration of ending slavery, it is an attempt to over throw the American government and replace it with the slavery of Marxism.---For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.- Galatians 3-26 -KJB---On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, we are revisiting the Antichrist spirit which rose over the entire world back in the beginning of 2020, and how that spirit must take down America in preparation of the installation of the New World Order. If you feel like you're living in an end times comic book, that's because you absolutely are, and the stakes get higher and higher with each passing month. We live in a world where groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter seek to 'end fascism and racism' by employing fascism and racism as the means by which they attempt to do that. It's kind of like trying to cure an alcoholic by getting them drunk. There is a demonic spirit behind Juneteenth in 2021, and that spirit just this weekend alone saw 5 people shot and killed with dozens more injured during Juneteenth 'celebrations'. Welcome to '1984' on steroids.

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