P127 Rad. Faith - Demands of Faith


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Has the Lord ever promised you something you really wanted, but you were afraid it wasn't true? Or, have you ever read a promise in the scriptures, maybe such as, "you cannot out give God's ability to take care of you," and yet you were afraid to fully test it and see if it was true?

This episode is all about that topic. It's called Demands of Faith.

A demand of faith is when you claim that which is yours, by faith, and you receive it. It's part of walking by faith, but it goes a step beyond -- it's taking authority and claiming that which the Lord has promised.

We see demands of faith with Moses, Elisha, King David, and throughout the Bible. And... we see it today in the lives of those who walk by faith.

If you want to grow stronger in walking by faith, you will love this episode. Watch the actual live teaching and diagrams on YouTube. Visit our website at https://GetSellersCallingYou.com/podcasts/?=PodcastDescription

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