Episode 53: Buckcherry Poppin' Daddies (feat. Ronin Aurelia)


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Today we’re joined by memer/musician/producer Ronin Aurelia to listen to and discuss Pikes 157-159 (Upside Down Skyway, Twisted Branches, and Half Circle Bridge) We also get into: how our guests are on ‘a list’, Kentucky is full of ‘Hollars’, the Texas vs. Alaska rivalry, Alaska is #1 in all the worst things, Britain will believe they said anything a year ago, LOST rules except for the last couple seasons, calling out our previous guests who didn’t listen to all the pikes (but we’re not the bucketcops), assigning ranks based on 90s swing bands, Robert Zombie, Brit gets too high to fuck, Buckethead is magic (pure), Gettin Head is a pro-welder/fabricator podcast, Jack White’s contractural guacamole recipe, matching Godsmack sweatpants, flossing recommendations, You’re Wrong About, Tipper Gore sucks, and Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9.
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