Episode 65: Easy to make. Tastes great. Maple Syrup.


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Today we’re diving into the odd depths of Pikes 193-195[14-12 Days Til Halloween](Voice From the Dead Forest, Maple Syrup, and Face Sling Shot), we also discuss: How 69 is the only thing Spenser has to look forward to, things always get worse (before they get better or not), is Glen Benton conservative?, Lucien Graves and The Satanic Temple, Hail Satan? (2018), Metallica - Re-Reload, Democrats don’t want to do anything for anybody, Let’s Fuck Brandon, anime sends Spenser into a fugue state, Love on a Leash (2011), Dirty Love (2005), Britain shaves off all their body hair, Buckethead & Pinchface, bad movie reboots (Halloween & Star Trek), the Maple Syrup story, Britain’s waffle ice cream sandwiches, Nick Begich and HAARP conspiracies, getting noise complaints from over a mile away, portable toilet reviews, jerking off while taking a shit, when did LOST get bad?, Saga (the comic), trombone is the gayest horn, continuing the young boner conversation, Final Fantasy VII remake, and Spenser wants to fuck the hunchback girl from The Witcher (as a hunchback, not after she turns normal).
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