Episode 82: Rick & Morty Dab Rig


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Oh shit it’s happening! We’re listening to Buckethead’s Pikes 244-246 (Out Orbit, Space Viking, and Nettle), we also discuss stuff like: Van Halen - Diver Down, the worst date ever, jumping suicides, Jimmy Screamerclawz, Slipknot Weeb Groomer, snorting research chemicals on the first date, Walking Dead bedsheets, RIP Klaus Schulz, Spenser gets a nerve spasm, going to a soup-centric buffet restaurant with Britain’s dead racist grandmother, picante vs restaurant-style vs pice de gallo, Gorgone (2005), the Midnight Munchies Meal at Jack in the Box, Lost Vikings SNES, Hellhammer is a homophobe, nettle tea is terrible, Trump/Buckethead 2024, Jewtube, The Catcher (1998), American Crime Story, The Monica Lewinsky Case, The Batman (2022), what kind of music does Alex Jones listen to?, and Ralph Battles: Chino vs. Peter Steele and McDonalds vs Sid and Marty Krofft.

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