#736 - "Afterlife Hits NYCC and Making Of Book" - September 13, 2021


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This week on the show, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is going to NYCC, a Making Of and Art book is coming in November, Halloween is coming, and remembering Michael K Williams. First up, we have a special guest as Chris’ son Thomas joins us for the beginning and end of the show and gives us his thoughts on Afterlife, toys, and a whole lot more. We also dive into speculating what may and may not happen at the NYCC Ghostbusters Afterlife panel: will they show the full film? Will they reveal a poster? And who will be there? Also author Ozzy Inguanzo has a “Ghostbusters: Afterlife - The Art and Making of the Movie” book coming November 23rd to coincide with the release of the film, Target is putting up whole endcaps dedicated to Ghostbusters Halloween merch, and a whole lot more!

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