Deepti Vempati is Proof that You Should Always Listen to Your Gut


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If you're like most people we know, you're probably a little obsessed with Love is Blind, Netflix's hit reality dating show that puts hopeful singles into pods where they cannot see one another. Maybe you've spent a late night or two deep-scrolling LIB Reddit, trawling for conspiracy theories, or maybe you have a dedicated work Slack channel where you and your colleagues can bond over the the hijinks that are enabled by whatever is in those opaque metal wine glasses.

You do not have to be a Love is Blind fan to tune into this conversation with the breakout star of the second season, Deepti. Deepti was working as a data analyst in Chicago, she'd been single for a year following the end of a long-term relationship. A friend nudged her to apply to the show's Chicago casting call. Deepti was cast immediately, and got engaged to a man who can be described as a walking red flag. She then became a fan favorite by saying the three iconic words, "I choose myself" while rejecting her fiancee at the altar.

Now, Deepti has a book out with the same name, she's launching a podcast and she left her data analyst career behind. Avery chats with Deepti about following her intuition, giving men no airtime, and what success looks like to her now.

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