Stop Saying "What?" How to Respond Better in English


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Hey there! So in today's lesson, we are gonna talk about hefud glarth min fingle schake! What? What?? Whaaaat? 🤷 You should be confused with the previous sentence because it doesn't mean anything! But if you find yourself saying "what" every time you don’t understand something, you might be surprised to learn that it can be a little rude or impolite! SO today I'm going to give you some better, more natural ways to express that you didn't understand, and ask someone to repeat something! There are a variety of different ways to express you didn't understand depending on whether you are face to face, talking over the phone, being formal or make sure you watch the whole video to find out which phrases are used for which situations! And if you like this lesson, comment down below which terms you think will be most helpful in your English journey! 🔎 Read the full English lesson on our blog here: 📩 Sign up to receive our free lessons in your email!

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