Taking It Back to How We Met


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In this episode, Josh and Krystal share the story of how they met. While Krystal was working two jobs and saving for a house and boobs, Josh was playing the field in a rented gold Jaguar trying to sell commercial real estate. He met Krystal late one night at a Las Vegas restaurant and offered to buy her a drink. Krystal was intrigued but bought her own drink as they continued the conversation. Their love began to blossom but hit a road bump when Josh started to question whether he wanted to commit to Krystal who he found to be messy and somewhat unorganized. He reached out to his mom who offered him life changing advice. It wasn’t until late one night Josh figured he had to make the life-changing decision to choose Krystal as his committed partner or continue playing the field. Throughout this experience, Josh and Krystal share tips on how to overcome conflict in your relationship and work through life’s distractions.

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