TSTP 60- Papa


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The penultimate episode of Stranger Things season 4 has arrived and it did exactly what a penultimate episode should do! "Papa" insists that everything he has done for Eleven, and Henry too for that matter, has been in their best interests. Like, El, we strongly disagree with his point of view. Although we can see how he could come to those conclusions, his methods are hard to justify. Is Papa truly dead? Only time will tell. In Hawkins, Max is willing to put her life on the line to save the town and all her friends. We think the kids have no idea what they are truly up against, but also agree with them that they have no better choice. Will Eleven be able to make it to Hawkins in time? The ending of this episode was perfect with the kids going separate ways and preparing to execute their two-pronged attack on Vecna. We can't wait for next week's finale!

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