Marc-André Giroux | Clip #01 | GraphQL @Netflix | Shopify And GitHub | Shopify Monolith | CEO Support | GraphQL Tooling @GitHub | Netflix Architecture | Federated Approach | Facebook’s GraphQL Architecture | Schema Stitching | Apollo Federation


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Marc-André is a GraphQL TSC Member, and worked on GraphQL APIs for Shopify and GitHub in the past. He has now found his dream job at Netflix. Over the past few years his focus has been on GraphQL, and he's the author of the highly recommended and widely read book "Production Ready GraphQL". Marc-André has a passion for tools and specifications that allow GraphQL API developers to provide better experiences. This led to many valuable talks and blog posts on the subject.

Hear Marc-André's perspective on:

  • GraphQL @Netflix
  • Shopify and GitHub
  • Shopify monolith
  • CEO support
  • GraphQL tooling @GitHub
  • Netflix architecture
  • Federated approach
  • Facebook’s GraphQL architecture
  • Schema stitching
  • Apollo federation
  • and much more…


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