Torrey Smith! Talks Cam Newton Back To Carolina. Stanford Steve & James Koh On NFL WK10 Gambling & Fantasy Football.


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(3:18) - Chris on Odell Signing with Rams and Rams' Playoff Outlook.

(12:15) - Hello, Layup Line and Best Division 2 College Football Rivalry Ever.

(20:36) - Torrey Smith on Cam Newton Heading Back to the Carolina Panthers, Cam's Immediate Impact, Outlook for Carolina's Receivers and Cam's Future.

(32:19) - Stanford Steve on College Football Week 11, Georgia at Tennessee, Washington State at Oregon, Notre Dame at UVA, Uncle Steve is Coming to Town and NFL Week 10 Gambling Picks.

(1:21:40) Macon Applies for Weekend Hangout Pass.

(1:26:55) - James Koh on NFL Week 10 Fantasy Football Outlook, Cordarrelle Patterson, Mike Gesicki and Two Headed Monster Draft with Kickers.

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