What It Takes to Age Young with Debi Carlin Boyle


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Debi Carlin Boyle is a fitness professional and TV commercial producer with over two decades of experience in the fields of health and wellness and commercial production. Her credibility in these fields is well established, having worked at some of west Los Angeles’ most prestigious gyms and fitness facilities.

Debi was recently certified as a Health and Nutrition Coach by The Institute of Integrated Nutrition and her numerous group fitness enthusiasts include David Duchovny, Nick Nolte, Kyra Sedrick, Kevin Bacon, Gabrielle Reese, Jamie Kurtz, David Steinberg, and Jennifer Beals, among others.

A believer in the fundamentals of fitness & diet rather than fleeting trends, Debi helps her clients maximize their genetic potential through her back-to-basics approach. By following her ‘BalancedLife’ exercise and diet regimes, her clients see results that are not just dramatic, but more importantly, lasting and sustainable for their continued healthy lifestyles. Now merging her “Age Young” and production ventures into a lifestyle brand called BalancedLife, Debi is spreading her no-nonsense and holistic approach to health and wellness through online video blogs, magazine articles, and her live streaming radio show & podcast; BalanceLife by Debi, Conversations Connecting to a Healthier You.

Her authentic and creative approach to health and wellness is a breath of fresh air in a market saturated by so-called ‘quick fixes,’ and her extensive experience in production gives her an accessible and transparent voice. Debi's goal is to help the widest possible audience achieve a long and healthy life.

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