Grief 2 Great Day - Christian Grief Support for Women, Questioning God in Grief, Life after Loss, Hope in Grief


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Grief Support for Christian Women to Breathe, Laugh and Live again. Grief * Life after Loss * Purpose After Loss * Faith I help Christian women navigate grief through faith, encouragement, and processing daily life to find hope on the other side. • Do you feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed by grief? • Is the pain so great, you lose your breath and feel it will never get better? • Have you cried so much there can’t be any tears left? • Are you angry with God? Or question your own faith? • Do you need faith-based help through the toughest season of your life? In this podcast, you will find faith-based grief support to navigate the overwhelming and confusing journey of grief, to continue seeking God and most importantly, to breathe, laugh, and live again. My mission is to walk with you through the healing, experience the milestones and the minefields to arrive on the other side with a gratitude and peace you never thought possible. If you’re ready to take a brave step toward healing, understand your grief and find hope, this is the place to be. Hey, I’m Stef. Southern by choice, turtle triathlete, wife and Jesus follower. I’ve experienced life-changing grief and struggled for years with the physical changes, the emotional roller-coaster and the spiritual questioning. I asked ‘why’ more times than I can count, went ‘boldly’ (and disrespectfully) to the throne, and was confused by a pain I had never felt before. I believed I would never be happy again and had all but given up on fulfilling my purpose. But God! Through my trials, I discovered a path to true healing, deeper relationship with God and gratitude that continues to fill my heart. This is a story of faith, FRamily support and redemption that only God can author. And, I want to share this with you. If you are heart sick, tired of being stuck and ready for real change with Christ at the center …. Practical steps to make your hard days less hard…Understanding of what to expect physically, emotionally and spiritually…Solutions to those ‘gut-punch’ moments…And, Results that build your faith and allow you to enjoy your own ‘great day’ this is the place to be. It is possible, I promise! Join me today – take that first step of faith right now!! website:

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