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Guild of Dads is the podcast to listen to if you are a Dad who wants to develop a Vision in all areas of your life, take action towards that vision, leave your legacy, and find meaning along the way. Weekly we interview some of the most visionary men on the planet who have taken action towards creating the life they want. We also speak to some of the top experts in the world about relationships, self care, health and fitness, social contribution and finances. Are you a Dad who has reached a cross roads in life where you have all the things you thought would make you happy but something is still missing? Do you think that you have more to offer the world or untapped potential? Are you looking for meaning and a group of other Dads who are after the same thing? You can find out about our mission on our website and get involved with the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @guildofdads We have our own private Facebook group where you can join up with other Dads on a similar journey and , share stories, offer and receive advice, and encourage each other.

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