”Hacking the Afterlife” with Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders -DAY OF THE DEAD


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This is another one of those podcasts about process. In this case, Jennifer recounts going to someone's house to do some mediumship work, and this person added a wall of photographs to their home. The idea was to "remember where we came from and how we got here."

Along those lines, a discussion of how Jennifer's father had come through and given us advice from the flipside about how to deal with grief. He said "grief is only sad memories, but nostalgia is both sad and happy memories - when you can move grief to nostalgia you begin the healing process."

Luana, our moderator from the flipside, wanted to talk about "the Day of the Dead." While having both Basque and Swedish roots, Luana had relatives who had lived in both Mexico City as well as in Santa Fe. Her Basque relatives came from a long line of people who lived near Spain - and their culture predates the Roman era.

She wasn't close to the Mexican side of her family, but we did spend some time in Mexico together - both when we met and then years later with frequent trips south of the border.

She's relating to the idea of "putting up photos of loved ones" around one's home in order to stay in touch with them. Luana also speaks about the concept of "moving on" but at the same time, realizing our loved ones have moved on as well, but want to continue to stay in touch with us.

A shortened podcast due to a wifi issue, but hopefully next week we'll spend some more time "with the dead" realizing that they can't be dead if they can answer our questions with new information. There's a mention of the forum on Quora "Hacking the Afterlife" - which is here: https://hackingtheafterlife.quora.com/

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