Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders, Charles Grodin and our friend T


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Another mind bending session with Jennifer Shaffer. In today's episode, we deal a little bit with process, and then specific details.

We start off with a conversation about process - and Luana uses Elvis and Prince as an example - that when someone "shows up" in one's consciousness, it might not be because they're trying to reach out to us, but there's a reference to them that is in our awareness. Like "one of their songs" might related to an issue happening in their life. "Try not to judge what's coming through."

At some point Luana's dear friend, and my pal of 20 years shows up to converse. It's mind bending because Chuck showed Jennifer an image of him with his arm around an elephant - knowing that I would instantly know what that reference meant - but she would not.

Also that he knew things that were going on in my life, and referenced them, including our questions about a friend of a friend who passed suddenly - whose memorial I'm attending this weekend, and all the questions I had about him or the memorial were answered.

It's just another example of how close our loved ones are, how accessible they are - "you don't need a Jennifer but it helps!"


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