Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Tom Petty, Amazing Randi, Regis and Paul Newman


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This is a podcast from a year ago - when we first started to do zoom sessions and put them on MartiniZone.com at the YouTube channel. Oldie but goodie while Jennifer is traipsing around the planet.

I begin the segment with me on camera mentioning the two folks I invited to come to the session. Jennifer knew the face of Tom, one of them, didn't know the second one Randi at all. However, we spoke to Tom before, and this conversation is in honor of his 70th birthday. We talk about his birthday party on the flipside, and talk about music in general and a little bit of his bio. Then we shift to Regis Philbin, someone I knew, met through Charles Grodin (had dinner with outside of when he first met me and commented on the air about my mixed striped outfit) and he had a couple of things to say to his friend Chuck. Then I interview "the Amazing Randi" - a terrific magician in his own right, who later became the preeminent debunker of all things paranormal. As was our interview with atheist Harry Dean Stanton (and Carl Sagan) both in the "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" books, he had some amusing anecdotes to say, as well as messages to both Penn and Teller. Finally Paul Newman strolled by - and we got fifteen minutes with the icon who has a message for John Cusack of all people (someone I know). We'll speak in more detail to Paul if he desires it - but it's another mind bending hour of your time.

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